Photo / Video Expedition

Day 1

Arrival in Irkutsk, meeting, gathering of participants.

Transfer to the village Goloustnoe, located on the shore of lake Baikal. accommodation at the guest house.

After lunch, hike to the mouth of the river and the island with a grove of relic poplars. There is also a chapel.

Day 2

Trek in the mountains of the Primorsky ridge on the route Semenya – Uscanga.

This is the new Western Baikal Protected Areas’s route. After exit Uscanga to lake Baikal, the return of the coast path in the Semenya, and from there on transport in Big Goloustnoe. If desired, you can take a walk to the Sukhoi lake.

The evening bath. Accommodation in the guest house in Big Goloustnoe.

Day 3

Moving Irkutsk-Buguldeyka (Baikal coast).

Walk to marble quarry – one of the largest deposits of marble in Russia.

Accommodation at the guest house.

Day 4

Moving from Buguldeika through Targan to the Western shore of lake Baikal. Then the descent into the bay, located close to the cliff of Sagan-Zaba. The cliff is formed by ancient sedimentary rocks (crystalline limestone). This natural monument is famous not only for its beauty, but also petroglyphs related to the bronze – late iron age (II thousand years BC – I thousand years BC) – images of people, animals, birds. Further visit of the picturesque lakes located nearby, among forest-steppe landscapes. In the evening return to the village Buguldeika. Visit the old mill in Zarechnoye estate, which worked on the Kurtun river. Accommodation in a guest house (Buguldeyka).

Day 5

Hike to the river Otta and then – in its valley to the slopes, located at the picturesque white rocks.

This time is the roar of a Siberian subspecies of red deer. The opportunity to participate in this process with the help of a special pipe that simulates the roar of the male. This way you can not only hear the answer – the roar of rivals, but even lure and photograph them.

Return. Accommodation in guest house (Buguldeyka).

Day 6

Moving from Buguldeika through Elantsy to Taurani, during the day visit of the relic steppes, near the Aya Bay, the valley of Stone Spirits with numerous rocks, salt lakes and other interesting objects in the Tazheran massif of the array.

In the evening return to the village Buguldeika. Accommodation at the guest house.

Day 7

Departure to Irkutsk.