Terms and Conditions



1.1. International video contest on environmental themes "Minute for the future "(hereinafter referred to as the Contest) is held by the Charitable Foundation "Give the Planet Life" with the grant support of the Irkutsk Governor's Office and the Government of the Irkutsk region.

1.2. This provision establishes objectives, basic principles, organization procedure, conducting and summarizing of the international competition.

1.3. The organizers of the competition are (hereinafter - the organizer): Charity fund "Give the Planet Life" (hereinafter - the main organizer); Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Irkutsk Region; FGBU "Reserved Baikal region"


2.1. Ecological education and motivation of the population for specific actions in the protection of nature via the creation and mass distribution of environmental video clips.

2.2. Popularization of the patriotism theme through attitude towards the nature of homeland via the dissemination of ecological video stories.

2.3. Attraction of talented children and youth, development of their abilities, training with the help of professionals.

2.4. Forming additional links between environmental educational organizations and beneficiaries by involving them on a common interaction site (seminars, master classes, the festival).


3.1. Electronic registration of applications and receiving of the identification code on the site of the competition https://1mforfuture.ru/en from January 1 to May15, 2019 (the registration deadline is 00:00 Moscow time, UTC+3).

3.2. Acceptance of competitive videos - from January 1 to May 31, 2019 to the e-mail address: info@1mforfuture.ru.

3.3. Summing up

Stage 1: from June 1 to June 15, 2019 – the Selection Comission appraises the video clips regarding compliance to the characteristics specified in section 5.7. of the given agreement. Video clips approved by the Selection Comission will be allowed to the Stage 2. Results will be published on the website 1mforfuture.ru before June15, 2019.

Stage 2: from June 15 to July 15, 2019 – expert appraising video clips by the Competition Jury, summarising the Competition.

3.4. Announcement and awarding of winners will take place within the framework of the Ecological and Social Advertising Festival "Minute for the Future" no later than September 30, 2019.


4.1. All interested persons are invited to participate in the Contest without restrictions.

4.2. The number of proposals and ideas is not limited.

4.3. The total number of participants is unlimited.

4.4. The number of videos from one author is unlimited.

4.5. Participants of the Contest can be both individual authors and authors' collectives.

4.6. Participation in the Contest is free.


5.1. The Сontest is public, all information, contest materials will be posted on the Contest website https://1mforfuture.ru, on the contest channel in YouTube, on the website of the Main organizer, as well as on other sites at the discretion of the Main organizer.

5.2. To participate in the Contest, you must provide videos shot (created) by any available means corresponding to the subject and nominations of the Contest.

5.3. Application for participation in the Contest shall be in two stages:

  • Stage 1-electronic registration (item 3.1. this regulation.)
  • Stage 2-in the prescribed form (see Annex 1) after receiving the participant's identification code.

5.4. The competitive work shall be submitted not later than the term specified in Chapter III of this Provision. The application is a document necessary for inclusion of works in the list of contestants.

5.5. Materials (application, competitive work) are provided in electronic form with a link to the file sharing site for download (Yandex Disk, Google Drive, DropBox, etc.).

5.6. Submission of the application indicates acceptance of the Contest terms by the participant.

5.7. Technical characteristics of the videos:

5.7.1. Videos of the contest are available in electronic form, in MP4 format.

5.7.2. The video quality is min. 1920 x 1080 Full HD , aspect Ratio 16:9.

5.7.3. The video duration – see paragraph 6.3.

5.7.4. The use of special programs and tools when installing and shooting video is at the discretion of the participant.

5.7.5. The participants determine the genre of the video (interview, reportage, video clip, etc., etc.).

5.7.6. The participant guarantees that the submitted works do not violate the copyright or property rights of third parties.

5.7. The content of videos should not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation and should comply with the Federal law n 38-FZ of March 13, 2006, article 10 on social advertising. Will not be accepted commercials advertising; insulting the dignity and feelings of others; do not fit into the theme of the Contest.

5.7.8. For video in national languages – subtitles in Russian and English should be attached to the video file. Accepts the following subtitle formats: subrip (. SRT) or sub-consumer (SBV).

5.7.9. For video in the Russian language included angles subtitles format subrip (SRT) or sub-consumer (SBV).


6.1 Directions provided:

  • Children’s film (projects done by people under 18)
  • Adult’s film (projects done by people above 18):

    А) Profissionals (experience is more than 2 years, determined by the Contestant)

    Б) Debutants (experience is less than 2 years, determined by the Contestant)

6.2.1 Topics provided:

  1. The Planet’s Resources” – the problem of resources depletion and human’s consuming attitude
  2. The Soul Ecology” – understanding that the Earth itself and everything on it is alive. The human’s care, love and harmonic live with the Nature.
  3. Human-beings and animals” – people’s attitude to pets and wild animals.
  4. Ecological patriotism” – solicitous attitude to the Motherland, protection of the nature, sacral places (i. e. Lake Baikal), nature reserves.
  5. «Everyone’s contribution” – engagement of people of different age groups (kids, adults, pensioners), social groups (large families, invalids, etc), countries, confessions, cultures in solving ecological problems.

6.2.2. There may be one or more topics present in the video.

6.3. Categories of videos:

  1. Video is up to 15 seconds long, not longer than 15 seconds.
  2. Video is up to a minute long, not longer than 60 seconds.
  3. Video is up to three minutes long, not longer than 180 seconds.


7.1. To determine the winners the Selecting Committie and the Jury are formed. The composition of the Jury, the Chairman of the Jury and the Selection Committee are formed by the decision of the Organizators of the competition.

7.2. The Jury and the Selection Committee can not include people taking part in the creation of films submitted for the competition.

7.3. Selection Committee carries out the examination of videos on the following criteria:

  • relevance to technical specifications;
  • relevance of work to the stated topic, selected category and direction

7.3.1. Video clips not approved by the Selection Comission are not allowed to appraising by the Competition Jury.

7.4. The Jury evaluates the Contest works according to the content and technical execution:

7.4.1. A content expert evaluation of the videos is carried out according to the following criteria:

  • the argumentativeness and depth of the developing of the topic, the clarity of the presentation;
  • creativity of the video (innovation of the idea, originality, flexibility of thinking);
  • value.

7.4.2. Technical expert evaluation of the video is carried out according to the following criteria:

  • relevance to technical specifications;
  • quality of the video;
  • the level of proficiency at special means of expressions;
  • aesthetics of work.

7.5. The winners are awarded based on the evaluation of the Jury members,.

7.5.1. All participants of the Contest receive Diplomas of participants.

7.5.2. For each direction are determined:


The winner of I degree Photo/video expedition for 7-10 days at Baikal national Park (Adult's) / Professional equipment (Children's)
The winner of II degree

Professional equipment

The winner of III degree

Professional equipment

The winner of IV degree Memorable prizes
The winner of V degree Memorable prizes

* For the victory of one submitted work, in the photo and video expedition from 1 to 3 participants of the creative team, announced before summing up the Contest can participate.

7.5.3. The Competiton Jury is able to award the Special prize for the best video clip up to 15 seconds long (Adult's and Children's directions).

7.5.4. Within each of the proposed topics will be determined the winner for best opening theme which gets a special prize.

7.5.5. According to the decision of the Commission may be awarded by the Grand Prix Contest. The participant whose film receives the Grand Prix is awarded to photo and video expedition for 7 days in the Baikal national Park and the prize amount is 50 000 rubles.

7.5.6. The works sent to the direction of "professional cinema" will be included in the program of International participation "Man and Nature – 2018".

7.5.7. The organizers of the Contest reserve the right to establish special nominations, determine the winner in them and award special prizes.

7.5.8. Information about the results of the Contest is posted on the official website of the Contest, as well as on the websites of the organizers of the Contest.


8.1. After summing up the results of the Contest, the First Regional Festival of environmental video "Minute for the Future" (hereinafter - the Festival) will be held.

8.2. Terms of the Festival are no later than September 30, 2019.

8.3. Within the Festival video art works of the contestants will be shown in the city’s cinemas as well as on the street information boards.

8.4. Educational and recreational events will be included into the program of the Festival.

8.5. The program of the Festival will be confirmed and published on the official web-site of the Contest no later than August 15, 2019.

 8.6. The results will be announced and all the winners of the Contest will be awarded during the Closing Gala Ceremony of the Festival.

8.7. All participants of the Contest have the right to take part in the Closing Gala Ceremony of the Festival.


9.1. Authors' rights on a contestant's work are under protection of Russian copyright law regulations and international legal acts.

9.2. Authors are responsible for compliance with copyright regulations regarding their work.

9.3. Having sent their work for the competition, authors comply with organisators' freedom to use the material (public demonstration on the Internet, TV, participation in art projects, following copying, etc.).

9.4. If needed, organisators may ask authors to provide the original version of a video.

9.5. Contestants give their permission for their personal data to be processed: full name, year and place of birth, postal address, email adress, phone number, work information; other personal data, provided by contestants.

9.6. Video material sent to the Contest is not reviewed and will not be sent back.Ray


10. Telephone for information (in Russian): +7-395-262-4919, +7-964-279-3429.

Email: info@1mforfuture.ru.

Websites: www.ppjizn.ru, 1mforfuture.ru.